21 November 2007

1. Dear Sasha

Dear Sasha,
it has been so long that I wonder if you've forgotten me. To be honest, I hope you haven't and I hope you don't tell me if you have. Just tell me something about how you'd thought about writing me too. Remember the last time we talked? It was over winter break in tenth grade. You thought you would have a boyfriend soon. I think you were jealous of mine. I never thought of myself as the lucky one, Sasha, since I lost you, but looking back I guess that's how you must've felt. If it makes you feel any better he didn't last and then he became a dope taker and crack dealer and other things I know nothing about.

More later,

p.s. Do you remember Ronnie in 3rd grade? He pinned me to the brick wall and kissed me and bruised my shoulder. And then he got it. He got detention for like a week. Remember him?

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