25 November 2007

3. Dear Sasha

Dear Sasha,
I'm sorry; I've been prim. It's hard for me not to be self-righteous. You left, not me. That chip dangles from my shoulder like dried poop on a dog's furry butt. I read poetry before I write your letters so that I'm in an existential state so that you'll think I'm smart. You were always so much better than me in math. Are you a science teacher now? How are the German schools?

Sasha, I don't know what I want but I do know I want it.

What would it take for you to see me? Write me? Call me? What can I give you in return? I have been wondering that for 15 years.


p.s. What size shoe do you wear? Your feet were bigger than mine when we were kids and I wonder if that's still true. I wear size 6.


Hugo Minor said...

I am tingling all over! This project is so great. Keep going!

Sanguinetti A! said...

Sanguinetti A! is pleased to hear that you enjoy it so much!


I was going to send Sasha a card from another country (previous post) and blog about it but it doesn't have a functioning check-out process.

Next idea...