24 November 2007

2. Dear Sasha

Dear Sasha,
I said I'd write again. What did you expect? I'm always true to my word on these matters. I haven't heard from you yet and I just hope that eventually I will. I have to convince you to not be embarrassed about it. Cause I think you are.

Twinkle twinkle go the lights up on the wings of the plane in the sky and I think about that time I flew to see you and your parents and your little sister. Did you stand at the airport gate and watch the plane taxi in? Did you wait and watch each emerging face with all the other people as we emptied out of the door single file? I wish I could remember that moment. It was the last time I felt secure that you loved me. I was so secure that I didn't need to remember it.

I'll go easy on you with this letter because I take it that your lack of a response is that you're still thinking it over. I'll write a little at a time.


p.s. Did your little sister become a real estate executive like she thought she would?

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Hugo Minor said...

What is this?? It's so so so so interesting I want to bite the blanket wrapped around me and suck on it to calm my nerves.