17 November 2007

the universe twins in the TWIN cities

We're together again! This time in Twin Cities... how appropriate.

Hugo made a special surprise trip to see our friend Bill Stobb read at a local bookstore. Bill's creative writing class is where we met in 1997 and we reconnected with him in 2003. He's a poet and professor, has a nice new book of poetry out called Nervous Systems, and lives in La Crosse, WI. Yesterday we all met at the Walker Art Center and thoroughly enjoyed the new Frida show.

Today we had many creative adventures. We went on a Guthrie backstage tour (which was way more amazing than Sanguinetti A! realized it would be!), to the Weisman museum (and liked the Kienholz Pedicord Apartments installation best), sneaked a peak at this house, ate at the Namaste Cafe in uptown (where we liked the design of outdoor chairs very much), toured the downtown Minneapolis library (which is by far the most amazing library in existence!), visited the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (where Hugo bought a book that knocked his socks off and describes his favorite font, Bulmer), and finally ended up at the Ax-Man. Woohoo Ax-Man!

It was an amazing creative adventure day!

Now we're making butternut squash stew and preparing ourselves for a night of art-making with old topography maps.

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martha said...

at a great artsy day!